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Wireless Connections

If you have never connected to the wireless network before, please follow the Wireless Internet Configuration Guide or contact your management office.

  • The #1 issue with connecting to the network is tenants reporting the wrong physical address. Make sure you submitted the Wireless Network Connection Physical Address and NOT the Local Area Connection or any Tunnel Adapter.
  • Remove all previous DSL and Dial-up connection software (especially AOL). This software at times will prohibit the network card from getting an address through DHCP.
  • Disable and enable the Wireless Adapter from the Wireless Network Connection from the Network Connections window by right-clicking on the Wireless Adapter and selecting disable/enable.
  • If you tend to leave your computer on you will want to restart your PC every 72 hours to make sure the addressing is updated. In addition, if there is a time where you are not able to gain Internet Access please wait a short period of time and then restart your computer and reconnect to the Wireless Access Point and make sure you have a valid IP address.
  • Make sure your wireless card is enabled. This might be a software or hardware toggle you must activate. Refer to your product documentation for these instructions.
  • Disable Proxy Settings

    Open Internet Explorer

    From the top menu bar, go to Tools

    Click on Internet Options

    Click on the Connections tab

    Select LAN Settings

    Make sure Automatically detect settings is checked and the remaining boxes are unchecked

    Click OK to save.

  • Reset the Wireless Connection on Windows Computer

    Click the Start menu button on the Windows taskbar

    Click All Programs

    Click Accessories

    Click Command Prompt

    In this command window, type ipconfig /release. This will terminate any active connections on all network connections.

    In the same command window, type ipconfig /renew. This will reset connections on all network adapters.

  • Ensure DHCP is enabled

    Click the Start menu button on the Windows taskbar

    Click Control Panel

    Click Network and Internet

    Click Network and Sharing Center

    Click Change adapter settings

    Double click Local Area Connection

    Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click on Properties

    Make sure Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically are selected.

    Click OK