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Fiber Optic Internet Benefits


Fiber optic Internet is faster than the highest speed copper Internet connections. Fiber also provides users with much faster upload and download speeds than other types of connections so your data is sent much more quickly over fiber networks. Symmetric speed (meaning the upload and download speeds are the same) allows for greatly improved two-way communication (Voice over IP, Video Conferencing/ZOOM, etc).


Uptime and data transmission are very consistent and constant with fiber lines. This means fiber connectivity gives you the most reliable Internet service around. Fiber optic cables are made of glass (not the traditional copper) making it an extremely reliable conductor. Fiber optic networks are also more resistive to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference, crosstalk, impedance, and other problems such as temperature change and water damage.


Fiber optic internet signal strength stays consistent over distance, while coax or copper signals can degrade. There are no peaks or valleys in signal, unlike copper connections which suffer from attenuation and multi-user signal draws.


Latency (delays that happen while data is processing) is decreased significantly with fiber optic internet connection. Generally, fiber optic connections provide faster download and upload time for video (especially high definition content) and other large files with less latency, faster cloud access, and clearer voice quality for telephone services.