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If you’re having problems with your HDTV, double-checking the settings, equipment and connections could help fix it. For specific ways to troubleshoot some common problems, read on.

General tips:

  • To connect a standard-definition (SD) cable box to your SDTV or HDTV, use composite, RF or S-Video cabling.
  • If your subscription includes HD service, connect your HDTV and HD cable box with HDMI or component cabling.
  • If your subscription doesn’t include HD service, you won’t get HD channels — even if you have an HD cable box or an HDTV. To get HD channels, contact us to upgrade your subscription to HD service.

If there is no picture or no sound on HD channels:

  • Verify that you subscribe to the channel you’re trying to watch.
  • Check that the cable box is on.
  • Confirm you’re tuned to an HD channel.
  • Double-check all connections and make sure you’re using HDMI or component cables.
  • See if you’re able to view other HD channels.
  • If none of these suggestions help, chat with one of our agents.